Maria Kobelova

Soul euphoria Gold Necklace

These jewels in a voluminous organic shape reflect the flowing of thoughts of a given moment of euphoria. It is similar to flying in the clouds and awakens our dark souls, which are also part of us, although in some cases they can be locked for a long time. They represent an escape from reality, a desire to relax and experience unique moments. In the Euphoria collection, designer and jeweler Maria Kobelova deals with euphoria, points out its individual types and emphasizes their rarity. Euphoria is part of each of us and takes many forms. Reaching the point of happiness! Happiness and a feeling of mental satisfaction, a feeling of balance and strong and relaxation. What is euphoria? What does it mean in our lives? What is her part and the bond that attracts us to her? Through the collection, the author presents four views of happiness, which she also expresses and records in curves, volume, harmony of shape and through the used stones. The aim of her work was to capture and express the feeling of euphoria and try to get closer to this emotional state - magic. The design of rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings made of silver, complemented by stones, is defined in the collection by four types of euphoria. Ag 925/1000, 41/50cm chain, 19mm x 19mm x 4mm, 7g

Author: Maria Kobelová

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