Eva Růžičková

Necklace Drop I

"A drop of good luck, because every drop counts and I know, that without a drop, there wouldn't be a sea." The Drop collection symbolizes life, movement and strength. Eva works with basic, neutral black and white colors complemented by a red accent. Like blood circulating in the body, the drop symbol resembles time and the fact that an end means the beginning of something else. "I see jewelry as an intimate personal testimony, something very close to the body and the soul." Every collection from Eva Růžičková is gentle, delicate and romantic, but at the same time, it carries a certain power. Eva's earrings, necklaces and rings can adhere very harmoniously to a woman's body and shine bright during any event or party. At the same time, they are sophisticated enough to be able to brighten up even the most regular of days. Material: silver Purity: Ag 925/1000 Drop size: 1.3 cm Handmade in Czech Republic.
Author: Eva Růžičková

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