Milan Pekař

Porcelain Vase XVII

Milan Pekař's unique porcelain vases, which at first glance attract with their unique glaze, are the result of a long-term study of professional literature, interest in chemistry, and above all else, time-consuming testing. The author uses the properties of silver and other precious metals to achieve crystallization on the vases. These metals, with very little modification of their composition, are able to achieve very different results on each individual vase. Upon controlled cooling in the furnace, crystal of zinc and other compounds begin to grow. This process only occurs in specific conditions. The result can also be influenced to some extent by the heating and the method of cooling. Nevertheless, each glaze is unique and unrepeatable. The distinctive and vibrant color of the vase is achieved by the combination of a diverse palette of metal oxides and contrasts with the lapidary shapes, where the proportions of the specific elements differ according to simple mathematical ratios. Milan Pekař was nominated in the Czech Grand Design awards in 2014 in the Designer of the Year category for his collection of crystalized vases. 

Material: porcelain

Dimensions: height: 17 cm, diameter: 8,5 cm, neck diameter: 8 cm

Author: Milan Pekař

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