Janja Prokić

Necklace Heart II

"When I started thinking about stepping out of my childhood world into the world of adults, this collection was my way of staying in that children's world for a while longer. I later found out that I really did not want to leave that playful world behind." The Hidden Place collection is an ode to childhood. Janja Prokić revives her three favorite childhood book heroines which she identifies with. "I realized that the first three fairytales that I memorized as a child had main characters with a very similar fate to mine. The obstacles the characters went through and had to overcome in their stories is what is occurring in my life at this point in time."" says the author of the collection who moved from Belgrade to the Czech Republic with her parents in 1993 when she was nine years old. The family left their homeland to escape the Yugoslav war, which was unfolding at the time. Handmade in Czech Republic. Material: gilded silver

Author: Janja Prokić

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