Janja Prokić

Necklace Saint Heart II

The Last Drop collection places the values of lasting and strong relationships against consumption, haste and imbalance. The theme of the last drop was processed into ceramic objects and jewelry. "I created earthenware containers as the main part of this collection. Earthenware is more permanent and solid, unlike porcelain which on the contrary evokes endless consumer multiplication, earthenware bears the importance of earthiness and grounding". Janja comments on her work. "The Last Drop is based on three main motifs on three different containers which have three completely different destinies when filled to the last drop. The last drop does not necessarily mean the complete end." The Sacred heart is proof of the humanity of the child of God. The heart if a vessel that everyone has and when the last drop comes, it can break. It doesn't have to mean the end, but after it heals again, it will never be the same again. A scar will remain visible forever. The length of the adjustable necklace is 40 - 42 - 44 cm. Material: Silver Ag (925/1000) gilded Handmade in Czech Republic.

Author: Janja Prokić

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