Janja Prokić

Bracelet Feather

Spread your wings and fly... The Homa collection is inspired by bird wings of birds flying over the Arafur Sea in Papua New Guinea. It is based on the culture, myths and the unique natural heritage of this island, which is also the only place in the world where the "birds of paradise" live. These heavenly fragile creatures with feathers symbolize protection from above and inviolability in their basal essence. In a beauty that reaches deep and does not allow evil to control it. Like most of the author's original collections, tradition and rituals play an important role in the jewelry as it was inspired by the ceremonial masks of Papuan tribes. Another symbol is the eye as a form of protection from evil spirits which is again related to the ancient rituals of the inhabitants of this country. A place between heaven and earth. Treetops and flying birds. In the quiet haze of ancient forests. The two symbols are connected. Additionally, the stones in the collection have the actual color of the bird wings of these unique creatures. Material: silver Ag (925/1000)

Author: Janja Prokić

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